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Make-A Challenge!


Back when I was still in college learning about Android development, I watched a lot of beginner tutorials, read the Android documentation for guides and read a lot of books about Android development.

And then I hit a wall! “Now what?” – the question that I asked to myself after I felt confident that I can build an Android app after doing the tutorials, guides and reading books. My mind just went blank and I don’t know what to do. I bet you’ve experienced this too or you might even be experiencing it now because you’re reading this. Don’t worry.

Make-A Challenge to the rescue!



Make-A Challenge is a tutorial series where we will develop an app using the product specifications that I made. You can choose to go even more further from the product specs that I made. Explore more and maybe you might even come with your own app ideas by just doing the challenges. You don’t need to strictly follow the specs. If you can even make a better app, then the better.

All you gotta do to get past that wall is to just START. Make-A Challenge lends you a helping hand on where to start and it’s up to you to implement it and explore.



Make-A Challenge is targeted for Android beginners who are done studying and are now ready to get their hands dirty. If you’re a beginner and is now confident to start your journey to becoming a junior Android developer, then this blog will teach you some practical examples and projects that you can use to start building your own app and career.

You might be wondering why I made this challenge when I’m no longer a beginner.

One word – Procrastination.

To survive in this field, you need to study and practice. Learning never stops. But lately, I’m no longer self-studying every time I came home. To the point that I’m even aware that I’m procrastinating!!! I thought I needed a kick in the butt and start changing myself for the better.


Final Words

I hope that Make-A Challenge will help you in starting your career as an Android developer. And to those developers who are suffering from procrastination like me, get your ass up, put down your phone (quite ironic 😂), open Android Studio and start coding. We know it’s for the better.

Good luck on your journey on becoming an Android developer!

Open your laptop/computer, launch Android Studio and let’s start coding.


I try to make the specs of Make-A Challenges platform agnostic as possible. Although this blog is targeted to Android developers, you can still do the challenges in any platform that you want – web, ios, android, etc.

List of Make-A Challenges:

[Make-A] Simple Chat Application using Cloud Firestore (Complete)

[Make-A] Movies app using TMDb API (Complete)