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[Make-A] Movies app using TMDb API – Exercises and Thanks!


Give yourself a high five and be proud of yourself! I hope that this series improved your skills and you’ve learned a lot from it. There will be times where you encounter new things such as Retrofit – the networking library that we used for this series. It’s normal and I’ve encountered a LOT of new things as an Android developer also.


Take your time. No need to rush. You’ll get there. Always be curious of something that you don’t know about. Study them and apply it in your apps in anyway that you can.


I’d be super happy to share your work on our Facebook page where this tutorial series is also shared. By doing so, you will be able to inspire other people such as college students or other developers who saw what you made that they can do it too!

Just message me a link to a demo of your app and I’ll happily share it to our page.

Share your work/demo by either:


Where to go from here?

It’s now time for you to challenge yourself. Explore the unknown. In that way, you will grow and become a better Android developer.

You’ve worked hard to build the foundation of your movies app. All that’s left are the little details that make it more complete.

Below is a list of exercises or features that you can implement in your movies app to further expand your knowledge:


Exercise #1

Bookmark Feature

  1. Implement a local database where you store all the bookmarked movies
  2. Create a new screen where you show all the bookmarked movies
  3. In your item_movie.xml layout, add a bookmark icon
  4. You can also add a bookmark icon in movie details screen

Take a look at Room – SQLite Persistence Library created by Android team. I HIGHLY encourage learning this library.

Exercise #2

Show actors and actresses in your movie details screen

  1. It should show a picture of the actor/actress
  2. It should be clickable (for Exercise #3)

Exercise #3

Actor/Actress screen

  1. Show the list of movies this actor/actress is in

Exercise #4

Search Movie Feature

  1. TMDb API provides a way to search for a movie
  2. Show the list of movie(s) found

Exercise #5

TV Shows/Series

  1. Show a different tab for tv shows/series. Take a look at the Tabs – Material Design documentation to know what it looks like.


THANK YOU!!! 🎉🎉🎉


Thank you so much for completing the tutorial. With a bit of polishing, your movies app can be published to Play Store already. Then add your movies app to your Resumé/CV.


This is my second tutorial series and there’s MORE to come. I have learned a ton of things from every tutorial series. As always, I promise to improve future Make-A Challenges.


Once again, I’d be super happy to share your work on our Facebook page. Most of the followers are college students. Sharing your work will inspire them that THEY can make an app too. We never know, your work might inspire some of them to fully pursue a career in our field.

Share your work/demo by either:


This tutorial was inspired by my own app RipeMango – a simple app to discover movies and add movies you like to your watchlist.

As always,

Keep learning,
Keep coding,
And be a better developer today than yesterday

Arth Limchiu


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Table of Contents

  1. Part 1 – Specs and Introduction
  2. Part 2 – Requesting an API Key
  3. Part 3 – Movie List Item Layout Using ConstraintLayout
  4. Part 4 – Networking using Retrofit Library and Image Loading using Glide
  5. Part 5 – Pagination
  6. Part 6 – Sort Movies by Popular, Top Rated and Upcoming
  7. Part 7 – Using CoordinatorLayout, AppBarLayout, CollapsingToolbarLayout for Movie Details Screen
  8. Part 8 – Colors and a Free Launcher Icon Generator
  9. 5 Exercises and Thanks!